Doohan: Stoner could surpass me

Doohan praises Casey Stoner as a future all-time great

GP LEGEND Mick Doohan has claimed that compatriot Casey Stoner could break his records and that of Valentino Rossi.

Stoner is looking strong to claim his second MotoGP title at Phillip Island on October 16th, and the five-time 500GP champion believes that the 25-year-old is a future all-time great.

Speaking to Fox Sports in Australia, Doohan said: "I think he'll at least have five years to push the way he's pushing now so he could easily surpass what I've done, and perhaps even Valentino Rossi. The future is looking good for Australian motorcycling."

Doohan was victorious in the Repsol colours in four of his five titles and gives his full support for Stoner to replicate this season.

For the championship to be his, Stoner needs to win at Phillip Island and outscore Jorge Lorenzo by 10 points or more - for this the Spaniard must finish in fourth place or lower. The race win is feasible when looking at Casey's past-form at the circuit, he has won the Australian Grand Prix on the last four occasions.

However, Doohan recognises that it will be difficult for Stoner to secure the championship at his home round and on his 26th birthday.

"Lorenzo is a tough opponent, he's very consistent and very rarely makes mistakes," said Doohan. "That's not to say it can't happen. There's about a 75 per cent chance that will happen."