Cal Crutchlow undergoes double arm pump surgery

Ducati rider put surgery off until the 'summer break'

BRITISH MotoGP rider Cal Crutchlow has undergone surgery this week on both forearms to help prevent arm pump yet again.

Compartment syndrome, simply known as arm pump, is a muscular problem which is common amongst motorcycle racers. Crutchlow has already had both forearms operated on previously – once on the left, three times on the right.

The most recent surgery involved incisions made to the right arm which released pressure on the muscle and ‘mesenchymal cells’ were implanted to help prevent formation of liquid.

Crutchlow had been aware of the necessary ‘arm pump’ surgery since May after routine scans, but decided to wait until the summer break before acting on it.

Jokingly, Crutchlow tweeted: “Wiping is going to be a problem…! Poor Lucy, hahahahaha.”

The next round of the MotoGP Championship takes place in around 4 weeks’ time at the Indianapolis circuit and although it is thought that the Ducati rider will be able to ride, it is not certain whether he will be fully recovered from this double surgery or not.