Electric 1950s Norton competes in TTXGP

Classic bike fused with the latest in electric technology

ELECTRIC motorcycle racing has been known to produce futuristic and sometimes frankly weird looking motorcycles. However the Moto Electra is something different.

It's based on a 1951 Norton Featherbed chassis but uses modern performance parts and of course, an electric motor.

Originally built in Blue Grass, Virginia by Brian Richardson, the Moto Electra is powered by an lithium-polymer batteries and has an 80-mile range on the road.

The Moto Electra competed at the TTXGP at Laguna Seca last weekend and took 7th place.

Moto Electra specifications:

    * AC induction motor
    * 62 hp and 115 foot lbs. of torque
    * Regenerative braking
    * 118 volts nominal
    * Carbon fiber wheels
    * Top speed of 135+ mph
    * The only licensed antique vehicle in the TTXGP