New Cardo Systems software update makes Bluetooth connectivity easier

A new software update for Cardo Systems' intercom products means it is now easier to connect via Bluetooth to other non-Cardo devices.

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Cardo Systems has announced a new update to the software of its communications devices, allowing for easier connectivity to non-Cardo devices.

Particularly, the new update from Cardo allows easier connectivity over Bluetooth, and is part of what it describes as a push for standardisation of Bluetooth connectivity across the motorcycle intercom industry.

In a press release, Cardo says the new update means that connecting a Cardo device to a non-Cardo device via Bluetooth “is now as seamless and fluid as connecting via Bluetooth to another Cardo communicator.”

The update comes after Cardo commissioned a survey, with 2,400 respondents, that “proved consumers desired a simple and intuitive process to communicate with their fellow riders who didn’t have the same brand of communicator,” Cardo says. 

Dan Emodi, Chief Marketing Officer, Cardo Systems, said: “In a recent survey conducted with motorcycle communicator users across the globe, Intercom connectivity with other brands was one of the most popular suggestions from respondents when asked what could be done to improve their communication experience.

“We’ve always strived to offer our own customers more and with this update we’re able to offer more independence for our users and friends using devices from other major brands, giving much greater choice, freedom and flexibility.”

The new Cardo update is available on all devices in its range, excluding the Packtalk Slim. It allows easier connectivity between Cardo devices and current-generation ones from Sena, Midland, and Uclear. The update can be downloaded via the Cardo Connect app.

Cardo Systems’ full range of intercom products can be viewed on the Cardo website, where it is also possible to locate your nearest stockist.

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