Yamaha Serow 30th anniversary

Japanese market special edition gets new paint and stickers

GIVEN the seemingly unending popularity of road-going bikes with an off-road look and the recent trend for 250cc machines it might make sense for Yamaha to consider giving the Japanese market Serow 250 another chance in export markets, just as it recently has for the even older SR400.

It’s one of those bikes that usually flies under the radar for us, but today’s announcement in Japan of a new 30th Anniversary special edition version has brought it back to our attention, and while the changes are limited to paint and stickers it looks more attractive than ever.

A check on How Many Left? shows that there are around 45 Serows on the road over here in the UK, and it’s a number that’s been growing over the last few years as people bring them in as personal imports. But surely, subject to a suitable price tag, the firm could hope to shift a decent number of them on an official basis, given the appealing scrambler-ish styling and unintimidating performance?

The firm is set to make an impressive 2500 of the 30th anniversary versions for the Japanese market, so there’s no doubting its popularity there.

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