Yamaha R7 revealed | All the specs and features of the sports bike

The Yamaha R7 has been spied in ‘leaked’ images, but this is the first time its full specification has been released – here’s what you need to know!

2021 R7 specs

THE rumours were right, and the new-wave supersport segment has a fresh motorcycle in its ranks, in the form of the 2021 Yamaha R7.

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With falling sales in the 600cc supersport, Yamaha took the bold decision last year to remove the iconic R6 from its road-going range. Instead, the screaming inline four-cylinder lives on as a track-only model, although it was fairly obvious Yamaha would be looking to plug the hole in its expansive range.

The bike to do that is the new R7, and MT-07-derived sports bike, with all the attitude and style of a Yamaha R-Series sports bike, but with the accessible heart of the super-successful CP2-powered naked.

What’s new with the Yamaha R7

The most noticeable change to the bike is the introduction of stunning, R1M-inspired bodywork. From the centrally-mounted cold air intake in the fairing to the shape of the fuel tank and seat unit. The new R7 looks every inch a Yamaha R-Series machine. Mounted within the front air intake is a small LED light, with signature Y-shaped LED DRLs flanking the nose cone. The R1 influences don’t stop there, with the tail unit also featuring aerodynamic cutouts as seen on the firm’s flagship sports bikes.

Another welcome change for the R7 is the change to USD forks and radially mounted Blue Spot calipers. The MT-07’s cartridge forks were improved with the latest generation of the naked bike, although it was always assumed that should the R7 actually arrive, Yamaha would bless it with some a more sporty front end.

The final big change introduced with the Yamaha R7 is the adoption of an assisted slipper clutch for smoother and easier shifting on road and track. Yamaha is claiming that the new A&S clutch will also provide a significantly lighter feel at the lever, approximately 33% less than a standard clutch.

Yamaha R7 engine

Using the latest generation Euro5 CP2 engine, the R7’s performance stats remain the same as the naked MT-07. That means 72.3bhp at 8,750rpm and 50lb-ft of torque at 6,500rpm. For 2021 the CP2 gains a new ECU, revised exhaust with new catalyst arrangement, optimised intake ducts, and new fuel injection settings. In addition to this, the new R7 runs a slightly reduced secondary gear reduction ratio for improved acceleration.

Yamaha R7 suspension and brakes

To help the R7 excel on road and track, the new bike features fully adjustable forks with preload as well as compression and rebound damping. They are separate function forks, with compressions in the left leg and rebound in the right.

The R7 also features revised geometry when compared to its naked sibling. The trail is the same, 90mm, although the forks are more steeply raked on the R7 – 23.7° compared to 24° of the MT-07. This makes the wheelbase of the R7 5mm shorted than the MT-07 at 1395mm. Weight distribution is claimed to be 51/49 front to rear. The rear suspension is a horizontally mounted link-type shock and is adjustable for preload and rebound damping.

Rounding out the sporty hardware are four-pot, Blue Sport calipers that are squeezed by a radially-mounted Brembo master cylinder that bites down on 298mm discs.

Yamaha R7 riding position

The new R7 features a heavily revised riding position, with the clip-on bars mounting below the top yoke and a seat that is just lower than those again – from the side profile it does looks sporty but less aggressive than an R6 or R1. Another change is rearsets that are now higher and further back, something that should improve ground clearance and mobility on the track.

R7 price, colours, and availability

The new Yamaha R7 will be available in two colour schemes, the Icon Blue and gloss Yamaha Black option.

The actual price hasn’t been confirmed but Yamaha’s UK PR team has confirmed to us it will be around £8,000 when it lands in dealerships in October.

2021 Yamaha R7 specs and features:

  • Compact, high-torque, 689cc, CP2 crossplane technology engine
  • Available in full and 35kW versions
  • Ultra-compact design R-Series DNA
  • Highly aerodynamic full fairing with aluminium lower cover
  • High specification inverted 41mm front forks
  • Link-type Monocross rear suspension with newly designed shock
  • A&S clutch
  • Lightweight tubular frame with aluminium centre brace for tuned chassis rigidity
  • Clip-on handlebars and lightweight rearsets with stylish heel guards 
  • Sporty and adaptable tucked-in riding position
  • Aggressive R-Series twin-eye face with LED position lights
  • Powerful central LED headlight
  • Lightweight 10-spoke cast alloy wheels
  • Radial mount front brake calipers with Brembo radial master cylinder
  • Supersport cockpit design with full LCD instruments
  • Central M-shaped front air duct
  • Powerful 298mm front and 245mm rear brakes
  • Slimline 13-litre fuel tank with deeply sculpted knee indents
  • R-series style tail
  • 120/70 front tyre, 190/55 rear tyre  

For more information head to: www.yamaha-motor.eu