Yamaha E01 scooter expected to land in Europe next year

The Yamaha E01 is a 125cc equivalent electric scooter, boasting 11hp and around 60 miles of range


YAMAHA could be taking further steps into the world of electric bikes next year, as the Yamaha E01 scooter is rumoured to have a 2024 launch planned.

The bike would become Yamaha’s second, publicly available electric machine, joining the £3,350 Yamaha NEO’S all-electric scooter we tested last year. 

We’ve known about the E01 since 2019 when the bike was first officially released as a concept, and since then, as recently as 2022, have reported on Yamaha’s desire to put the bike into official production. Now though it is thought, although not confirmed by Yamaha directly, that the E01 is indeed making its UK debut, as it will launch into the burgeoning UK all-electric urban mobility sector.

What is the Yamaha E01?

The E01 is a 125cc equivalent scooter, boasting an 8kW (11hp) and 30Nm (22lb-ft) motor. It is powered by an 87.6V and 56.3Ah Lithium-ion battery pack. The range of the bike is claimed to be 60 miles at a constant 60kph (37mph) which makes it an ideal lightweight inner-city commuter - but not much more. Charging using a Charge via a fast-charge system is said to be around an hour,  or around five hours on a regular domestic socket, or 14 hours via a portable charger that can be carried with the bike. The bike is fairly light, for an electric machine, with a kerb weight of 158kg. That, combined with a seat height of 755mm, should make for a fairly accessible machine, especially for those with little or no motorcycle experience. 

The bike has already been used in Europe although this will be the bike’s first outing as a publicly available machine. Yamaha has partnered with some hire companies in Asia, and the bikes have been available to rent in Paris for some time.
The actual price of the bike is not yet known, we’ll be keeping an eye on the Yamaha press site and as soon as this is announced we’ll update this page.

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