The Verge TS Pro California is a colourful tribute to the United States

The electric manufacturer, Verge Motorcycles, has launched a new version of the its TS Pro, with the new Verge TS Pro California paying tribute to the US

Verge TS Pro California

The US market is an important but difficult one to crack, but that is the goal of the Verge TS Pro California, which is designed as a tribute to the US.

California is considered one of the major hubs of American motorcycling. Certainly, it has been the centre of the US’s famous motocross and powersports industry for at least 50 years by now. Even as some of that industry begins to head eastwards, California remains an iconic place for many.

The Verge TS Pro California Edition “is a celebration of our anticipation and dedication to the future Verge riders in the United States,” Verge says. “The California Edition is a homage to the Californian way of life, where freedom and innovation meet under the radiant Californian sun.” That explains the bright orange colour scheme, then.

The motorcycle itself uses the technical base of the Verge TS Pro, which is the middle bike in the range, between the standard bike and the Ultra. The Pro offers 738lb ft of maximum torque and 137bhp from its rear wheel integrated motor. Those figures help it to a top speed of 124mph. It has a range of 350 miles, and the battery can be ‘fast charged’ in 35 minutes.

But what makes the California Edition stand out from the standard TS Pro? Well, apart from the paint, the obvious difference is the suspension, which comes from Ohlins. Verge doesn’t say exactly which Ohlins units it is using, though, but we can at least say that it’s an inverted front fork and a single rear shock. 

The other uniquities of the California Edition are all non-technical. Along with the orange paint, there is a two-tone ‘tank’, and a perforated leather seat. Finally, Verge’s ‘Human Machine Interface’ (HMI) is also changed for this model, updated with a new introduction animation when the bike is turned on.

The Verge TS Pro California Edition is available only in that bright orange colour, and is priced at €30,900, which works out to about £26,500.

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