Is there a place for a Honda CBR750RR in the world?

With rumours swirling regarding a potential Honda CBR600RR, one designer has eyed up a return to the 750cc class

Honda CBR750RR

THE Honda CBR750RR may have been a stillborn machine of the late eighties, but the idea of a proper, inline four-cylinder, 750cc sports bike from Honda has never really gone away.

Honda of course did have the now iconic RC30, although compared to the other 750s of the time it was more advanced, faster, and more expensive than the lots. It took Honda to build the Fireblade, for them to put the power and dynamics of a race bike into the rider in streets hands.

The question of ‘what could a 740cc ‘Blade look like?’ has obviously been swirling around this motorcycle designer's mind, as he’s taken up the challenge and designed his own CBR750RR – and Visordown loves it!

The bike seen in the renderings looks to have been based around the existing CBR650R engine, a unit that could feasibly swell to 750cc with some minor tweaks and modifications. The frame looks unlike that of any Fireblade past or present, although it does mount onto the engine and using it as a stressed member, just like the current ‘Blade, with the swingarm locating at the rear of the engine casing.

The styling of the bike is clearly taking queues from the latest generation CBR1000RR-R, with the angular looking twin headlights peering out of the screen at you in menacing fashion. From their, the styling of the tank does go a little awry, looking almost like a KTM with all its angles and points sticking out above where the rider’s knees would be. Sure it doesn’t look like the most comfortable machine on the planet, but it wouldn’t stop us from riding it.