The Tacita T-Cruise Urban has landed

The T-Cruise Urban is the work of Italian electric motorcycle maker Tacita and is the company’s first try at a road-going cruiser style motorcycle

Tacita T-Cruise Urban

YOU may not had heard of Tacita, the Italian company behind the latest electric motorcycle to catch our eye, although you can’t deny their latest bike is nothing if not eye-catching!

The T-Cruise Urban features Tacita’s Generation 2 motor and is available in three power options up to 44 kW power. As with all electric bikes, the T-Cruise Urban is capable of instant torque, peaking at 100 Nm. The machine comes with two battery capacity options, a Large size 18 kWh battery pack for a claimed range of 137 miles (very specific!), and a Medium size 9kWh battery pack that is said to be capable of 70 miles. Tacita also claims that the all ranges advised are before the bike enters into its Reserve Power mode – hinting that there will be some more miles to come, albeit at a slower speed.

Tacita describes the styling of the T-Cruise Urban as ‘the best of two worlds. The American motorcycle heritage: made of timeless style, good torque at low rev, low seat and feet-forward riding position in a distinguished machine with the Italian motorcycle culture’. While it isn’t exactly ugly, the design is a departure from the current trend for electric motorcycles.

The front end is dominated by that large, Rolls Royce spec single headlight, while the chunky seat and rear mudguard look like they could do with some fine-tuning to make then seem less awkward.

If the bike has one thing going for it, it’s the drive train. You may not be aware but Tacita makes some of the tastiest electric enduro, rally, and supermoto machines on the planet. Think Alta Redshifts with added Italian flair. If that level of technical know-how has gone into the running gear of this bike it’ll make it a very interesting machine to ride indeed.

If you fancy this as your next bike, the base model comes in at £10,000, with the top of the range 44kw version with the biggest battery costing just over £17k.

For more information on the Tacita, click here.

What are your thoughts on the Tacita T-Cruise Urban: Love, loathe or kill it with fire?