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Suzuki SV650X price announced

A ‘cafe racer-inspired V-twin’ for under six grand

NEXT year looks to be a lean one for new models from Suzuki but if there’re one thing the firm still seems to know how to do, it’s value.

The price of the SV650X, which Suzuki describes as ‘cafe racer-inspired’, has just been announced at £5,999.

The only real new offering in Suzuki’s line-up for 2018, it’s an SV650 given a ‘neo retro’ make-over with a bikini fairing, tinted screen, ribbed seat and clip-on bars.

It also gets a new pre-load adjustable fork, as does the base-model SV650 for 2018.

It's £300 more expensive than the base SV but still way under typical café racer prices, such as £8,800 for Triumph’s Street Cup and £9,395 for Ducati’s Scrambler Café Racer.  

Even by budget middleweight standards it’s still competitive, with Kawasaki’s Z650 and Yamaha’s MT-07 both costing £6,199.

The SV650X makes a claimed 76hp from its 645cc V-twin, compared to the MT-07’s 74.8hp and the Z650’s 68hp.


Who want's a less comfortable, bastardized version of the SV650? Not I!

Agreed - I can't see this bike being comfortable for anyone over 5' 8". I've long felt that Suzuki have under used the superb engine/clutch/gearbox combo in the new SV650. If only they'd build a taller, proper, scrambler version (not the half baked offering currently available in France), taking some styling cues from Ducati's lovely but expensive Desert Sled, then I'd buy it straight away.

I really like it. I'd happily have one. It's more stylish than the standard version & I have my doubts comfort will be a big issue as it's the same rider triangle as the SV650S which isn't an uncomfortable bike. I sat on the X at the NEC & it was fine but admittedly that's not the same as riding it & the lack of fairing will be a factor but I still don't think it"s going to be some sort of torture device.

However I do agree that Suzuki could & should have done so much more with this engine. It could be the basis for numerous core models that could all be very different but great, charismatic & affordable bikes. Personally I'd like to see a sportier SV650R with full fairing, decent adjustable suspension & radial brakes along the lines of Ducati's Supersport for about £7000. Supersport 600"s might be dead but affordable sporty middleweights aren't.

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