Suzuki GSX-R125 - first thoughts

Visordown's Laura Thomson is on the launch of Suzuki's new GSX-R125, GSX-S125 and V-Strom 250

Suzuki GSX-R125 - first thoughts

WHEN did Suzuki last make a properly sporty 125? The dinosaurs amongst us are going to start saying things like ‘RG’.

But hopefully that's all changing this year, with the launch of the fully-faired GSX-R125 (pictured above) and naked GSX-S125, making 15hp from identical Euro4-compliant single-cylinder engines.  

Visordown’s Laura Thomson is on the launch right now and has just finished riding the GSX-R on Silverstone’s Stowe circuit.

Here are her first thoughts: ‘I’ve just finished riding the GSX-R125 on track and am still buzzing. This little bike just gives and gives in terms of power, with plenty of oomph available throughout the rev range.

‘Suspension is hard enough to make the GSX-R a great track ride, but not so firm as to intimidate the entry-level riders it’s targeted at. While we haven’t had the chance to ride the GSX-R off the track, the clip-on bars allow an impressive steering angle, which means the bike should be relatively manoeuvrable around town.

‘The GSX-R joins a host of other sporty 125s currently on the market, but stands out due to number of potentially class-leading factors. At 134kg, it is 8kg lighter than its closest competitor – the Yamaha R125 –  and at 785mm the seat height is also the lowest in its segment.

‘Combined with the slim tank – which in my opinion could be a little wider – the GSX-R125 is extremely accessible to learner riders, who need the reassurance of feet flat on the ground.

‘Dressed up in MotoGP colours it certainly looks the part and costing from £3,999 (£4,099 in MotoGP colours) it seems an extremely attractive prospect to both learner rider and people who just want to have a little low-capacity fun.’ 

Tomorrow Laura is set to ride the GSX-S125 along with Suzuki’s new mini adventure bike, the V-Strom 250. Check back soon for first impressions of those followed by full reviews of all three.

The GSX-S125

And the V-Strom 250