Sporty four-cylinder Voge RR 666 S supersport bike revealed

The inline-four supersport motorcycle might not be dead and buried just yet, as Voge reveals the sleek-looking RR 666 S, a Chinese-built bike that shuns the cross-plane twin cylinder engine.

The Voge RR 666 S sportsbike - Photo credit:

It’s not yet clear whether the Voge RR 666 S will ever make its way out of its native China, although with sports bikes featuring a four-pot motor on the decline in the UK and Europe, if it did escape it’d provide an attractive alternative to the hoard of parallel twins.
Vogue is a subsidiary of the Loncin group, and while many of its bikes look like scramblers or Honda CB500X clones, the new RR breaks the mould, with sporty and aggressive styling, LED headlights and even winglets!

While official specs and features of the engine are as yet unknown, the makers are making some punchy claims, like a 150mph top speed, 100hp (98bhp) power output, and a 0-62mph time of around 3.5 seconds. It is though a proper, old-school inline-four, boasting 660cc, liquid cooling, double overhead camshafts, 16-valves, and a 14,000rpm redline.

The chassis of the bike features KYB suspension and Brembo stoppers (at the front at least), while the frame of the bike seems to be a conventional twin-spar design holding the engine as a stressed member. The bike is also reported to be arriving complete with ABS and traction control, although until more information comes to light we can’t tell whether that’s inclusive of IMU control, or a more primitive design.

Should the bike get put into serial production it would be going up against bikes like the Yamaha R7, Aprilia RS660, and incoming Kawasaki ZX-4R. It would also offer those who long for the scream of an inline four-cylinder supersport bike over the rumble of a parallel twin. Whether or not it makes it into production, let alone arrives in the UK and Europe, remains to be seen.

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