Snake Motors 250 Single Racer

New bike from the Japanese brand you hadn’t heard of

TALK about Japanese bike makers and the conversation is likely to stop once you’ve covered Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. The chances are that Snake Motors won’t get a mention.

But this is the firm’s new bike, the ‘250 Single Racer,’ and you can’t deny it looks great.

Still in prototype form, the 250 is a follow up to Snake Motor’s existing product, a 50cc retro single called the K-16, currently being produced partly in China before being completed in Japan.

Like the K-16, which has a Loncin engine, the 250 uses an off-the-shelf powerplant sourced in China, and is intended for production. The firm’s success with the K-16 (it’s sold though a chain of dealers in Japan and even has a one-make race series) suggests we shouldn’t doubt the chances of the 250 Single Racer achieving its goals.

 Of course, the chances of seeing it over here are slim, but who knows what could happen if there’s enough demand?