Range of SWM V-twins on the way

Plans revealed in presentation

Range of SWM V-twins on the way

CHINESE firm Shineray – owner of Italian brand SWM – has announced plans for a range of four V-twin engines to go into bikes under the SWM name.

At the moment, SWM uses hand-me-down Husqvarna and Shineray single-cylinder engines, but Shineray says the new twins will be ready soon. The engines were presented at an event in Chongqing marking Shineray’s 20th anniversary.

Pictures from the event show prototype engines bearing both SWM and Shineray branding. They’re said to be coming in range of capacities from 350cc to 1200cc. The engine pictured appears to be the largest offering – a DOHC, water-cooled V-twin.

The smallest, a 350cc V-twin, will be destined for a lightweight bike aimed at new riders. Next up comes a middleweight 550cc design aimed at ‘advanced riders’ and ‘city riding’, according to a document shown at the presentation. There will also be an 850cc variant.

The document says the 1200cc twin will provide ‘the ultimate experience’. So could we be seeing an affordable SWM superbike in the near future?