Production Honda New Mid revealed

Leaked pics show scooter concept without the show hall glam

THERE'S never been much doubt that Honda's New Mid concept scooter would become a production bike fairly soon and these leaked images seem to confirm what it will look like in showroom form.

The pictures, used to trademark the bike's shape, show how the New Mid looks when its gaudy show paintwork and chrome accessories are removed and replaced with a more toned-down style of the sort you're likely to see in showrooms.

Suddenly, it looks very much like a viable production proposition; the sensible suspension, wheels, brakes and exhaust are all far more suited to a showroom machine than a show hall queen.

Originally, Honda was coy about the New Mid's mechanical components, only claiming that it combined scooter practicality with sports bike handling, and that it used a dual-clutch gearbox like that on the VFR1200F. Best guesses put the engine at somewhere between 600cc and 750cc, and suggest it's a parallel twin.