Is a new Royal Enfield Bullet set to land this summer?

A teaser video has been shared on social media pointing to the updated Royal Enfield Bullet landing this August

The Royal Enfield Bullet
The Royal Enfield Bullet

ONE of Royal Enfield’s best-selling models could be about to get a reboot, as it is reported that a new Royal Enfield Bullet is set for a global launch this August.

The bike is thought to be the latest machine to be graced with the new J-Series engine, as found in the Hunter 350 and Meteor 350, although, unlike those models, this bike will be a faithful recreation of one of Royal Enfield’s most famous, and best-loved models. It’s a model that is very similar to the current Classic 350, although there are a few key differences between the two, with the biggest visual difference being the seat unit. Unlike the Classic, the Bullet will feature a full-size bench seat, not the dinky single-seat that is found on the Classic, and it’s thought that the other trademark features of the Bullet will remain, just with a few subtle tweaks for the modern age.

the hunter 350 being ridden on track
the hunter 350 being ridden on track

The Bullet 350 is thought to be using the J-Series engine, as found in the Hunter 350 (above)

As the engine is thought to be in much the same spec as the other J-Series powered bikes, we can have a fairly accurate stab at the specs. Its funky sibling the Hunter boasts around 20bhp and 19lb-ft of torque, and while some work may be done to tweak the delivery of the retro machine, the performance of the Bullet should be accessible, but not record-breaking.

One area that Royal Enfield will likely focus on for the bike will be the exhaust note. While the Hunter sounds okay for what it is, it doesn’t have the distinctive retro exhaust note of the classic Bullet models.
A social media post shared on Instagram by Indian outlet ZigWheels is pointing to a launch of the new Bullet on 30th August 2023 - we’ll be keeping tabs on what’s happening and update you as events unfold.

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