New Lauge Jensen custom has British designer

Ten to be built, from £28,600 each

DANISH custom bike firm Lauge Jensen has unveiled a new model styled by a British designer.

The limited-edition machine is the creation of Afzal Kahn, owner of London-based A Khan Design, which makes wheels and other components for supercars.

Imaginatively, it's called the A Khan model.

Only 10 will be built, by Lauge Jensen in Denmark, with prices starting from £28,600.

The A Kahn has the same 1792cc V-twin engine used in other Lauge Jensens, which the Danish firm claims to be the most efficient of its kind in the world, already exceeding emission limits due to be introduced in 2016. 

The bike is on display at A Kahn’s showroom on London's Kings Road.

Lauge Jenson creator Uffe Lauge said: “We have long admired the Kahn business ethic and the innovation and quality of its vehicles. We share the same passion and vision which has now come together for the first time, to create not only one of world’s most desirable motorbike but one that stands out with a great personality.”