The most desirable Ducati Monster 1100 ever?

German designer builds amazing custom Monster 1100, then says he won't make any more. Annoying? Yes.

THIS is a Ducati Monster 1100 reimagined by German custom builder Jens vom Brauck.

Called Flat Red II, its specs are a claimed 100bhp and 150kg, 19kg less than a standard Monster 1100 Evo.

It’s got Öhlins suspension all-round, an aluminium tank with a carbon cover and forged OZ wheels.

It won the international sprint race at the recent Glemseck café racer festival in Germany, beating British competitors Guy Martin and Connor Cummins.

Jens vom Brauck, who runs German custom bike firm JvB-moto, won Ducati’s International Design Contest 10 years ago with an earlier concept called Flat Red.

Want a Flat Red II? Us too, but we can’t have one. “It’s a one-off,” says vom Brauck.