Lito Sora electric motorcycle

A 185-mile range and top speed of 120mph. Is this the future?

THIS is the Lito Sora, a new electric motorcycle made in Canada.

Lito specialise in electrial drive systems and electrical energy storage and the Sora is their first motorcycle.

The Sor has a claimed range of 185 miles from one charge and has a top speed of 120mph. It hs a clever 'Safe Range' system that ensures you won't run out of power - you tell the bike how far you have to travel and it will manage your power, so you don't blast long at 100mph and run out of juice 5 miles down the road.

The Sora uses an aluminium fairing and carbon-fibre bodywork. It has integrated GPS and an electric-adjustable seat that allows you to alter its position on the go. It has an onboard charging port and a lockable storage compartment. When you plug it in to charge, it'll send you an email when the battery's full. Neat!

It costs £26,400. See here for more info: