Limited Edition Yoshimura GSX-Rs

But only in America

YOSHIMURA and Suzuki have teamed up to create a set of special edition GSX-Rs celebrating the fact that more than a million GSX-Rs have been made since the designation was first used in 1984.

The bikes, available in 600cc, 750cc and 1000cc form, all get black-and-red paintwork with gold pinstripes. The firm says that the numbers will be very limited, but that the actual figures for each model will depend on dealer demand. So we're guessing they're 'limited' to exactly the number of orders they get...

Paint aside, the bikes get a carbon Yoshi R-77 slip-on silencer, a fender eliminator kit, engine and frame protectors, axle adjuster blocks and paddock stand bobbins, new bar ends and steering stem nut, a billet aluminium oil filler plug and a single seat cowl. And, of course, the obligatory limited-edition-personally-numbered-name-plate that is a mainstay of the genre.