KTM teases ‘secret’ new track-only Moto2-based limited edition sportsbike

KTM causes a stir by announcing it will launch a brand-new track-only limited edition model based on a Moto2 sportsbike chassis

KTM Secret Project

KTM has teased it will launch a brand-new sportsbike based on its Moto2 racer later this month.

Little is known about the unexpected new machine beyond what is shown in a teaser video published to its social media accounts, other than the fact this will be a track-only model limited to 100 units.

The presumed sportsbike will be launched on July 20 as KTM prepares for its home round of the 2021 MotoGP World Championship at the Red Bull Ring in Austria.

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KTM is the only manufacturer competing in MotoGP without a large sportsbike in its line-up, with its only faired options limited to the RC390 and RC125, models which will be replaced in the coming weeks.

Indeed, KTM has only ever offered a single large-engine sportsbike - the shortlived but fondly-remembered RC8 - but does sell a sporting option with the 1290 Super Duke R/RR.

While there have been cries for KTM to return to the sportsbike arena with a model based around the 1290cc engine used on the Duke naked and the Super Adventure ADV/tourer, it has so far resisted the calls.

What could this ‘secret’ new model be?

Well, we know about as much as you do but our best guess is that this will be a limited run of models based on its Moto2 chassis, which was available to race in the intermediate GP class until the end of 2019 when it ceased production in favour of focusing on Moto3 and MotoGP.

What is less clear is what will be powering the machine. In race trim the KTM Moto2 utilised a control-spec Triumph-sourced 765cc engine in 2019 and a Honda CBR600RR inline-four in the years preceding.

Assuming KTM will be swapping that out for its own engine, the option that stands out is its new 490cc engine, which we know will make its way into the Duke and Adventure before the year is out. 

It is also expected to be used to replace the RC390, with the extra 100cc giving KTM a more potent sportsbike offering. As such, this launch could tie in nicely as a promotional tool for this model.

There is also the possibility it could utilise the 890cc architecture, which coupled with the Moto2’s featherweight construction would make it both a potent track day weapon and no doubt raise speculation it could form the basis for a mid-to-large dedicated roadgoing sportsbike.

Whatever it is, colour us intrigued… or orange.