Kawasaki's new 'ER-2n'

EU patent for Kawasaki single leads to speculation it's not just for Asia

Kawasaki's new 'ER-2n'

KAWASAKI has registered an EU patent for a naked version of its Ninja 250SL, leading to speculation the single-cylinder model could be destined for Europe.

The fully-faired 250SL, known in some markets as the 250 RR Mono, was officially unveiled in February and thought only to be for Asian and Indian markets. 

It's expected to cost around 30% less than the parallel-twin Ninja 300 in markets where both are sold. In the UK, that would make it around £3,500.

The EU-registered design, dated February 27 this year, appears to be a naked version of the 250SL, sharing many components including the frame, engine and exhaust. According to Indian bike websites it's expected to be called the ER-2n and could be headed for Europe, although Kawasaki has not revealed any details.  

In the UK it could be better priced to compete with Honda's single-cylinder CBR300R, due to go on sale this year, while helping set the Ninja 300 apart as something more sophisticated justifying a higher price.

The 250SL Mono makes 28hp and weighs 151kg compared to the Ninja 300's 39hp and 172kg. A naked version was seen in spy shots in January.  

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