Incoming: TVS Apache RR 310

A BMW G310 RR in all but name

Incoming: TVS Apache RR 310

THIS Wednesday we’ll get to see the final version of the TVS Apache RR 310. And that matters because it’s basically a fully-faired sports version of the BMW G310 R.

The saga of the Apache RR 310 has been rumbling on ever since TVS showed its Akura concept bike in early 2016. That bike was a track-only concept, with carbon bodywork over a BMW G310 engine and chassis. Over the months since then we’ve seen dozens of spy shots and leaked pictures of the road-legal version TVS has been developing, and now it’s finally had a launch date set: December 6.

Of course, the Apache is initially firmly aimed at the Indian market. But given its close ties to the BMW G310 models, the R and GS, which are both built by TVS, surely it’s not a big leap to imagine a version of the bike being sold in Europe. The big question, of course, is whether it would be branded as a TVS or restyled and rebadged as a pukka BMW for our market.

In terms of spec, it’s understandably close to the BMW models its derived from. The engine is the same reverse-cylinder 313cc single, mounted in a familiar-looking trellis frame. The suspension is Kayaba kit at both ends and the headlights are LED. Notably they include the daytime running lights that would be legally needed in Europe.

Full specs and details will emerge along with pictures of the bike on Wednesday.