Honda Africa Twin debuts. Again.

Feel like you've been here before?

A COUPLE of days ago Honda put out a teaser video for its Africa Twin CRF1000L, saying ‘the adventure continues’ on 16/10/15.

Understandably, the video caused speculation (from us) that there would be an additional model in the Africa Twin range, because Honda had already told us all the details of the basic version back in July.

Well here we are, on the October 16, and as promised Honda has sent out all the details of the new Africa Twin. Except all those details seem to be much the same as the ones Honda released on July 24.

Is someone going to tell them that teaser videos are meant to come before a new model is shown? 

The firm’s new press information about the Africa Twin really doesn’t add much to the info we already had. But we’ve written a story about it, so the marketing has worked, after a fashion.

Actually, there are few more details, but they’re engineering minutiae. For instance, we learn that the 'bore and stroke is set at 92 x 75.1mm. This bore size is used to optimise the CAE-designed pistons’ balance of rigidity and strength and a resin coating on the skirts reduces friction. Further reducing friction, AB-1 chromium plating and Palphos M1-A treatment (as used on the CBR600RR) are applied to the piston pins and con-rods.'

And that 'the six-speed gearbox is a brand new design - with ‘pierced’ shape dogs for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear - the clutch itself is physically smaller, saving 500g compared to conventional units. Oil gathering ribs have been added to the main journal side of the primary gear, ensuring consistent lubrication for the gear, damper spring and primary sub-gear.'

Perhaps more pertinent new details include the rake and trail – 27.5 degrees and 113mm – and the fact that the subframe is rated to carry 30kg of cargo.

The release also confirms the four colour options for the bike – CRF Rally, Africa Twin Tricolor, Digital Silver Metallic and Matte Ballistic Black Metallic – and that optional extras will include things like a high screen and luggage (as already spied on the bike that was thought to be a separate touring version), fog lamps, a foot shifter for the DCT version and upper and lower wind deflectors.

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