Graft EV EO.12 electric motorcycle now available for orders

Greft EV, an electric vehicle manufacturer out of San Francisco, has announced its new electric motorcycle, the E0.12, is now open for orders.

Graft EV EO.12

A start-up electric vehicle manufacturer, Graft, has announced it has begun to take orders on its EO.12 off-road electric motorcycle. 

Graft is based out of San Francisco, and also has an electric ATV and an electric UTV in its roster. 

The motorcycle, known as the Graft EO.12, is now officially open for orders, and is described by Graft as a world-first in its use of carbon wheels on a dirt bike. 

In terms of performance, it produces 25kW, or 34 horsepower, but weighs only 50kg including the 2.7kWh battery (which can be charged in 1.5 hours with the 220V, 15A charger which comes with the bike), which Graft believes makes the EO.12 the electric off-road motorcycle with the highest power-to-weight ratio.

The top speed of the bike is claimed by Graft to be 50mph, while the quoted maximum ride time on a single charge is three hours, although this can vary depending on riding style and terrain.

The bikes off-road credentials are aided by the use of a 21-inch front wheel, while in the drivetrain some parts have been 3D-printed in titanium to support the motor’s 440Nm of torque.

The swingarm is CNC machined from billet aluminium, and is connected to a three-way adjustable air shock (with hydraulic bump stop). At the front, Graft equips the EO.12 with a 42mm inverted front fork.

The Graft EO.12 is available in two variants, a standard model and a ‘Factory Team’ version, which comes with improved performance, Vibracore lightweight handlebars, and a titanium bolt kit. 

Prices for the Graft EO.12 begin at $8,500 and run up to $12,500 (around £10,400 at time of writing), “depending on set-up and battery size,” according to Graft.

The company’s owner and lead engineer, Azizi Tucker, said of the launch: “Although Graft was founded just two years ago in 2020, it really emerged out of a lifetime of passion in racing on two and four wheels combined with a 15-year career working in the electric vehicle industry. 

“Our EO.12 bike represents a desire to converge those experiences to fully realise the potential of recreational EVs and the instant torque, easy control, and zero maintenance that the technology has to offer. Most importantly, it represents Graft’s mission to make vehicles that are ground-breaking and fun to ride.”

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