Is this the first ‘American’ electric cruiser motorcycle?

A new electric motorcycle company called Hadin has created a beefy cruiser motorcycle due to be displayed at EICMA.   

Hadin Electric motorcycle

The new Hadin ‘American-styled’ cruiser is called the Panther. It took three years to design and could be the first properly viable electric cruiser available to the public. 

The bike itself has all the key attributes a cruiser should have such as, a scooped low seat; tall swept-back handlebars; and forward-mounted floorboards - for that ultimate cruiser comfort. 

The company website states the Pather is “smart, comfy, clean, safe, and steady”. The latter makes sense because it weighs in at 270KG and its 45Kw (60hp) motor is only capable of 80mph. 

Hadin claims that the Panther’s Panasonic 18650 Lithium battery is capable of 100 miles on a single charge, and can be fast-charged within 30-minutes to 80% capacity. 

The bike has smart features, such as keyless start, smartphone pairing, front and rear HD cameras, and a few other trick gizmos.  

The Califonia based start-up has stated that the bike will be displayed at EICMA next week.  

However, although the company address is in CA, there are some rumours going around that in fact, the company is Chinese. 

Personally, the design style of the Panther does allude to its possible origins. It doesn't exactly look like it was designed by a pot-smoking hipster in Cali bro... 

Although to be fair the Hadin, the company is registered in the US and has owned its trademark since 2016.

Regardless, the firm has created something to be proud of, and we’ll be sure to dig deeper the EICMA Show next week.

What are your thoughts on the Panther electric cruiser? 

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