Ducati Supersport 950 set for new touring variants?

A pair of new Ducati Supersport 950 variants are potentially on their way, with an emphasised bias towards touring for the 937cc twin-cylinder.

Ducati SuperSport 950

Two new versions of the Ducati Supersport 950 are apparently on their way, and with a bias towards touring.

The Ducati Supersport 950 is an awkward bike in the Bologna brand’s range. Its 937cc capacity, twin-cylinder configuration and faired bodywork make it remarkably similar to the 955cc Ducati Panigale V2, which is better marketed thanks to its involvement in the Supersport World Championship (which it is leading this year with Nicolo Bulega).

Differentiation between the two bikes is therefore not immediately simple, but a kind of reimagining of one might assist in that.

That seems to be somewhat on the cards for the Supersport 950, as filings from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) show, as reported by Motociclismo, applications for the approval of two new models: Ducati Supersport 950 T; and Ducati Supersport 950 ST.

Of course, the names alone are not concrete confirmation of what Ducati might be planning with the apparent arrival of two new Supersport 950 variants, but the obvious answer to the question of “what might these new models be?” is that they are new touring (T) and sports touring (ST) variants.

The displacement of the engines is unchanged whether on the existing or new T and ST models, so it can be assumed that performance across the models will be comparable. Perhaps between the T and ST versions a difference in chassis specifications (suspension, tyres, for example) will exist, assuming that the assumptions about the designations are correct.

It is of course unknown when these new models will launch, or will be released, or indeed the prices, since their official announcement is awaited.

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