Deep Dive | 2022 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S and Low Rider ST

We take an in-depth look at the heavily revised Harley-Davidson Low Rider S and new for 2022 Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST


HARLEY-DAVIDSON has revamped and rejuvenated one of its top-selling cruisers ready for the 2022 riding season, as the updated Low Rider S and new for this year Low Rider ST break cover.

Low Rider S and Low Rider ST price and colours

Both bikes still slot into the middle of the H-D cruiser range, with the Low Rider S starting at £17,795 and the new ST coming in at £19,395.

Both bikes share a common engine, frame, and chassis set up, while the ST is designed to have slightly longer legs than the S, thanks to the addition of a new, neat looking batwing fairing front fairing. Both machines are available in Vivid Black and Gunship Gray.

2022 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S updates

One of the big changes for 2022 comes in the form of a revamp to the bike’s engine. The previous version’s 114ci (1,868cc) motor has swelled to 117ci (1,923cc), giving the already grunty Milwaukee Eight a significant boost in power and torque. Power jumps from around 90hp to a claimed 105hp, while torque, which is really what a big-bore V-twin is about, rises from 114lb-ft to 125lb-ft. Peak torque is now also achieved at slightly higher revs, coming in 3,500 as opposed to 3,250rpm.

The capacity hike is joined by cams, a revised air intake (complete with ‘ram’ style air filter) that is also claimed to boost the mid-range of the engine. The new filter and inlet setup look much more interesting than the previous dish design of the previous model and resembles the design found on the now discontinued FXDR – RIP.

The not-so-low Low Rider S

The chassis of the new S has also seen updates, with the stance of the bike visibly altering from the previous generation machine. The rear end of the bike is lifted slightly, with the addition of a marginally taller shock absorber. The change increases the bike’s ground clearance from 120 to 145mm, raising the seat from 673 to 686mm, and importantly increasing the lean angle by 1° in the process.

Styling and equipment

One of my slight bugbears with Harley-Davidson (and many other cruisers for that matter) styling and design is the trend of fitting rev-counter and speedo on the tank. Sure, in the rose-tinted world of retro-authenticity they are more period-correct. In the real world though, the constant glancing down to check on the vitals is annoying, and a tad dangerous.

That won’t be a problem on the ’22 Low Rider S, as the advent of a new analogue LCD combination design, sees the clock for the bike shifted from tank to handlebars.  The new, easier to read item places the gauge closer to the rider’s line of sight, while a textured black tank console with FXLRS branding now tops the fuel tank.

As with the outgoing S model, the styling of the bike is pure West Coast cruiser, with a deep solo seat, mid-mount foot controls, and a colour-matched mini speed screen fairing that frames the headlamp. The engine and exhaust are totally blacked out, with cast-aluminium wheels finished in Matte Dark Bronze to contrast with the rest of the bike.

2022 Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST arrives

The new kid on the Low Rider block in 2022 comes in the form of the all-new ST model. It’s a very close relative of the updated S, although instead of slotting into the boulevard basher segment, the ST has more miles in its sights.

From a chassis and engine perspective, the two machines are pretty much identical, meaning it gets the same 105hp and 125lb-ft of peak torque. The dash is also now the neat-looking bar-mounted TFT item.

What is new is the addition of a stylish front fairing and ‘tall bike’ SoCal stance. That means the panniers sit high on the subframe, and the rear suspension gives the bike a jacked-up look. The handlebar is high, and the FXRT-inspired fairing is frame-mounted on the front end of the bike.

The shape of the ST’s front fairing was developed by using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis backed up by on-road testing. Triple split-stream vents are also claimed to help limit rider head buffeting at motorway speeds.

Speaking of the new styling, Brad Richards, H-D VP of Design said:

“A key element of this model is the frame-mounted fairing, which has a shape inspired by the classic FXRT Sport Glide model fairing favored by West Coast customisers … With a dominant central headlamp flanked by side vents, the genetic connection to the original FXRT remains familiar. The sharper creases and revised proportions in the Low Rider ST fairing provide a look that is intended to be modern, athletic, and aerodynamically superior to the FXRT fairing. The raised fitment of the saddlebags high above the exhaust reinforces the performance of the model – the message being that these bags will not limit lean angle when the bike is pushed to the limit.”

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