Curtiss Zeus: 217hp V8 battery Electric Motorcycle

Curtiss Motorcycles, formally Confederate Motorcycles, has released the latest prototype design for their Zeus 217hp V8 electric motorcycle.

Curtiss Zeus Electric Motorcycle

Curtiss Motorcycles has been prototyping interesting and 'out of the box' motorcycles designs since around 2017, and now they’ve released an updated design for their upcoming 2020 Zeus electric motorcycle - with a V8 styled battery.

The previous prototype won designs awards in 2018 for innovation, and this latest iteration of the concept takes it to the next level, although to my untrained eye the designs look worlds apart. 

The previous design looks virtually indestructible and would be the perfect vehicle during a zombie apocalypse, as experts say traveling silently is the key to survival. Other key differences to note are that the old design doesn't have the unique and kinda awesome looking V8 battery design, something which on the latest prototype has divided opinion.  

Electric motorcycle - Zero SR/F Review

For the real hardcore eco designers, the V8 battery design pays tribute to the dying petrol-powered motorcycles era, but to simpletons like me, I think it’s dope (if not a little mad scientist). Anyways, good ideas are always inspired by something which already exists, right? 

Despite the haters, Curtiss is sticking with the design as unknowingly the V cylindrical cases resulted in cooling benefits for the batteries which sit inside of them, with the 8 batteries totaling an output of 16.7kWh. 

The massively juiced up batteries are hooked up to a Yasa P400 Series motor kicking out a total of 217hp (160kW). To compare, that’s double the power of the latest Zero SR/F!

Apparently, the Curtiss Zeus is due to be released next year, which gives you plenty of time to save the $75,000 you’ll require to buy it… Yep, that’s about three Panigale V4S’s you could buy, but then again they aren't saving the planet.

For the money, you're getting aluminum girder front suspension, a hand-welded titanium/chromoly tubular chassis, with CNC machined 6061 aluminum fusion and lightweight carbon fiber wheels.

Would you save up ya pennies to buy one? Or just keep it conventional?

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