CFMoto 800MT revealed - The KTM-powered Adventure motorcycle

CFMoto has officially revealed the 800MT, its eagerly-awaited adventure featuring KTM 790 parallel twin-cylinder power

CFMoto 800MT

CHINESE motorcycle manufacturer CFMoto has pulled the covers of what is arguably its most exciting new motorcycle to date, the CF Moto 800MT adventure touring motorcycle.

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The release of a new Chinese motorcycle of any designation is not really anything to shout about on its own; China has a steady stream of new models featuring varying amounts of never seen before hardware. What makes the new 800MT so interesting is that it features a European heart, in the form of the engine from the previous generation KTM 790 Duke.

The tie-up with CFMoto goes back to 2011 when they penned a deal to import and supply KTM machines across China, although this bike is the first of a new breed of CFMoto, kind of legitimised by that awesome parallel twin-cylinder engine.

And it wasn’t just one new model that the firm unveiled, there were two new bikes wheeled across the Shanghai Auto Show exhibition hall floor. A more run-of-the-mill long-legged touring machine, accompanied by a much more rugged looking pure adventure version.

Powering the machine is the 799cc LC8c parallel twin, that last saw service in the KTM 790 Duke and 790 Adventure machines. It produces just shy of 95bhp in this form – bang on what the 790 Duke and Adventure produced – and a healthy-ish 58lb-ft of torque.

Engine aside, the CFMoto uses its own frame and chassis set up and features some decent spec kit from the likes of KYB for the suspension and J.Juan for the brakes. Electronics are not quite as expensive as on the KTM models, cornering ABS, traction control, ride-by-wire throttle, and riding modes are all present. We can’t find anything to confirm the existence of any motor slip regulation or uber-cool Rally Mode – as per the 790 Adventure.

Will the CFMoto 800MT make it to the UK?

The jury is out on that one. CFMoto haven’t even released the price yet! We are hearing reports that claim the bike is bound for the Australian continent, and who know, if they can sort out imports post-Brexit, we might hopefully see them! The bike does have a distinctly European style to it. All too often you can spot a Chinese bike a mile off, but with the 800MT not trying to be anything in particular, UK riders might warm to it. CFMoto already has a sizable dealership network in the UK, selling small and mid-capacity motorcycles and scooter. A full-size and credible adventure offering in the window is sure to drag some punters in off the street!