Carbon fibre NXT-Rage revealed

The bike is being touted by the Dutch manufacturer as 25% lighter than some other e-bikes thanks to its carbon chassis

NXT Rage Motorcycle

NXT has unveiled the Rage concept bike which is built using an innovative carbon fibre monocoque chassis which, the company claim makes it 25% lighter and twice as strong as a conventional electric motorcycle.

With no specification included we can’t begin to see how the bike would stack up against the current crop of electric bikes from the likes of Energica and Zero, although its claimed price tag of around £20k places it squarely between the two.

The bike features a 7” colour display, LED lights, pre-load rear shock adjustment and what look like adjustable forks – at least on this pre-production version anyway. Whether all these options are included on the production bike is unclear, although the NXT website claims to be able to deliver bikes as soon as summer 2019.

The monocoque not only provides a lighter and stronger platform for the machine but also reduces the number of parts required by 70% over a traditional motorcycle. Whether that lighter weight translates into better range and improved handling remains to be seen.

Harm Besseling, director and head of technical development said: "Electric motors offer the opportunity to throw traditional designs overboard, and to go for what is truly ground-breaking. NXT Motors wants to offer its customers a motorcycle that uses the maximum of technical possibilities and offers them the ultimate experience. A powerful product, but also the data that an electric motorcycle develops, is the basis for that customer experience. In the pipeline of NXT Motors, alongside the Naked Bikes launched today, there are also extensions to other segments, including enduro, super sports and touring models. "

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