Cake launches new customisable electric motorcycle "platform"

The Cake Bukk platform has been launched by the Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer, bringing new customisation to Cake's line-up.

Cake Bukk. - Cake

Cake has announced a new version of the Bukk, referred to as the “Bukk platform” by Cake, which offers customisation on a base motorcycle derived from the limited edition Bukk electric motorcycle that was launched last November.

The Cake Bukk platform takes the base frame from the Cake Bukk off-road electric motorcycle and provides a variety of options in terms of specifications. 

Firstly, the Jante motor can be set to either 13kW or 16kW, and there are suspension options from WP, Formula, and Ohlins. Further, the motorcycle can be ordered in street-legal form, or as a pure off-roader.

Cake founder and CEO, Stefan Ytterborn, said: “With the Bukk platform, CAKE is bringing unmatched light electric performance to where you want to ride it, take it on the road to lead you to the trail or the track. Our goal of pairing responsibility to the environment with designing and manufacturing the highest quality and most innovative electric off-road performance motorcycles is what inspired the Bukk. 

“After years of development, we have accomplished the truly most optimised IPM (interior permanent magnet) motor with radial flux for efficiency and power. The result is the most advanced air-cooled drivetrain in the industry, providing innovation in performance, low maintenance, and user experience, all to maximise performance in light off-road vehicles.

“The Bukk Limited Edition had an incredible reception and sold out after just a week when it launched, and with this new model, we are continuing to promote the extended life cycles and sustainability of our electric platforms. 

“Like everything we do at CAKE, purpose and inclusion drives us, and the depth of customisation offered by the Bukk allows riders to configure it for their own purpose. We learn and develop with each CAKE product, instilling durability in every component to keep them running in peak condition while respecting our environment.”

Prices for the Cake Bukk platform, which is available to order from the Cake website now, start at £9,270 in the UK, €10,270 in Europe, or $10,270 in the US.

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