BSA give update on the release of the Gold Star 650

The BSA Gold Star 650 was supposed to be in dealers already from this month.

BSA Gold Star 650.

It was announced in December 2021 that their new BSA Gold Star 650 will be available in dealers from March 2022. 

It is now March 2022, and the bikes remain absent. So what is going on?

Now it has become clear, through official information from BSA, that the Gold Star 650 will be available in dealers from June 2022, with a possibility of them arriving a month earlier, in May 2022.

BSA have also said that, “We are currently building our dealer network and hope to share more details on the network as well as the price by May.”

Finally, BSA says that press reviews are expected to begin in April or May, so we could be as little as a few weeks away from our first proper look at the BSA Gold Star 650. 

Overall, it must be said that the delay is a disappointment. When a marker is set and then pushed back for reasons which will probably not be able to be publicly disclosed, the public is understandably going to be frustrated. But, the bike is not cancelled, or indefinitely postponed, the uncertainty surrounds only the precise dates of when the bike will be available to the press, or to the public. 

More details might be expected in the coming weeks, especially if BSA’s target of press reviews beginning in April is met. 

In the meantime, it can be possible to register your interest in the Gold Star 650, and sign up for news updates on BSA’s website here.