Brixton Storr adventure motorcycle concept announced

Brixton Motorcycles has released an image of the Storr Adventure bike, a potential first true off-roader from the brand


LITTLE known motorcycle maker Brixton has revealed an image of a potential new bike, in the form of the Brixton Storr, a 500cc dedicated adventure touring machine.

We don’t know much about the new bike as it stands, as only a concept sketch was released by the brand on its social media channels last week. Looking at the image, the machine seems to take more than just a little inspiration from the recently launched Husqvarna Norden, with clean lines and an upright, Dakar-style cockpit binnacle.

The Brixton Crossfire 500 - the bike the Storr seems to share its engine with

It seems like the engine for this machine will be coming from an existing bike in the Brixton line, as the concept image includes the name ‘Crossfire’. The Crossfire range of bikes are 500cc roadsters, and scramblers, producing 47bhp and 31.7lb-ft of torque. They offer riders an alternative take to the A2-friendly nakeds on offer from the Japanese brands, and while not massively cheap, at around £7,000, they are pretty well spec’d and easy on the eye.

A post on the Brixton Facebook page reads:

‘Developed in collaboration with Salzburg-based design studio, Ride, the inspiration for the new Brixton Storr concept is the riding experience. Together, we wanted to create a bike that lets you shake off the day-to-day. A bike made for leaving the grind behind as you go in search of fun times and adventure with your mates. What do you think?’

While the final spec of the Storr is unknown, it is likely to feature significant changes over the current Crossfire range, with longer travel suspension, frame tweaks and wheel changes being the most obvious updates. For anything more concrete than that though, we’ll have to wait and see. The Storr seems to be at the very early stages of development at this time. However, with motorcycle riders across the globe clamouring for good looking, mid-sized ADV machines, we wouldn’t bet against this bike making its way into production.

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