BMW goes back to the future with C1-inspired motorcycle cage patent

BMW has filed a patent which shows a motorcycle featuring a kind of protective cage surrounding the rider

BMW Protective cage motorcycle patent

A BMW patent has been unearthed that shows the firm could be working on a modern-day version of the ill-fated C1 enclosed scooter.

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Unlike the C1, which saw the rider sit in the bike in a conventional position, the new patent seems to point to a slightly more feet-forward position – something like a recumbent bicycle.

The front portion of the frame carries the steering head of the bike, which seems to be controlled by the handlebars via some sort of linkage – it’s not highlighted on the patent. The front frame of the bike is built around a trapezoidal frame that sits vertically between the rider’s legs. From this backbone, more front sections are mounted, with two hoops making up what would be called the leg-shields if this was a conventional scooter.

The rear part of the bike features what looks to be an all-encompassing roll-cage that is five main elements. There are two, vertically mounted bars that form the shape of the rear of the bike. Mounted to this are two horizontally mounted bars that form a kind of side impact protection system. Linking the whole thing together and making it strong is a hoop running right around the front of the rider’s seat.

The bike the frame could be destined to surround might be the C Evolution scooter, a model that has already been seen in patent form with a roof fitted to it. It won’t be a straight swap though, as the C Evo’s front end doesn’t seem to match the design of the patent seen here.