Benelli's new TNT 899 is remarkably similar to the old one

Benelli has revealed the TNT 899, a revival of a bike made 15 years ago, and which now has surprisingly similar features.

2022 Benelli TNT 899

Benelli is set to revive the TNT 899, of which a new version has appeared on the Italian brand’s Chinese website. 

Chinese? Well, yes, since Benelli is now owned by Qianjiang, who have been the financial force behind the TRK 502 motorcycle which has dominated Italy’s two-wheel sales in recent years. 

With the new TNT 899, we find many similarities with the old one, which was out in 2008. The visuals are almost identical, for example, and the engine remains a three-cylinder producing 118 horsepower. Although, compared to the old 899cc engine, this one is 898cc.

118 horsepower translates to 88kW, which incidentally is also the value in Newton-metres for the torque output. 

The new TNT 899 weighs 210kg, and has a fuel capacity of 15.5 litres meaning there is plenty of scope for adding to that with flammable liquids. 

The weight is supported by a USD telescopic fork with 50mm of travel at the front, and a monoshock at the back which features preload and rebound adjustability. 

The two 17-inch wheels are fitted with 120/70 (front) and 190/50 (rear) tyres, and are separated by a wheelbase of 1440mm. 

Benelli neglects to give a height measurement for the new bike, but we know that the overall length of the new TNT 899 is 2080mm, and the width (excluding mirrors) is 815mm. We also know that the seat height is 820mm, and the ride height is set at 130mm. 

Benelli has also not listed what type of frame the bike will have, but from photos on the bike’s webpage it seems fair to say that it will be a tubular design, and so it might be fair to assume that the material will be steel. From the photos, it is also possible to see that the brake callipers come from Brembo. 

Despite the Italian brand name, and the Italian brakes, though, the engine does not meet current European emissions standards. Perhaps a new one will be developed for a future version that will arrive on European shores, but, for now at least, Benelli’s latest revival seems to be set for marketing isolated to China.

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