Ariel promises tuned ‘R’ edition of VFR1200-powered Ace

Ariel Ace R will offer ‘substantial increase’ on standard model’s 173hp

Ariel promises tuned ‘R’ edition of VFR1200-powered Ace

BRITISH marque Ariel is set to reveal a limited-edition, tuned version of its VFR1200F-powered Ace.

Not much has been revealed about the Ariel Ace R, and the only image released so far is this rendering above, but the firm is promising a "subtantial increase in power" over the standard model.

The standard Ariel Ace isn’t exactly short of power, with Honda’s V4 pumping out 173hp and 96.6lbft.

The Ace R is set to be revealed at the Motorcycle Live show at Birmingham’s NEC starting on November 18, and limited to a production run of 10.

Tom Siebert, heading up the Ariel Ace Team said: “We’ll release the full specification at the show but I can say that the R has a lot of carbon, a lot of machined aluminium and a lot of power.”

An Ariel spokesperson said: “The Ace R will feature a tuned V4 1200 Honda engine offering a substantial increase in power over the standard Ace and will be made as a limited edition of just 10 bikes.

“Following on from other Ariel limited editions, such as the Atom V8 and Atom Mugen cars, the Ace R will have a unique colour scheme and specification giving more performance and power over the standard bike.”

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