2010 Honda VFR1200F - Official Honda colours

Three colour options for new Honda VFR1200F

HONDA have launched their new 2010 VFR1200F and it's available in 3 colours, Candy Prominence Red, Seal Silver Metallic and Pearl Sunbeam White.

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Honda claim the VFR1200F has been developed in keeping with previous VFRs; that have delivered a combination of sports and touring capabilities using the latest technologies.

This motorcycle is, however, brand new. A clean-sheet interpretation of the ultimate road-sport machine – a concept driven by extensive understanding of customer needs and the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies.

Honda claim that, in pursuit of heightened levels of control and feedback, the VFR1200F adopts the latest race-track bred technologies but adapted and evolved to create a machine that can be many things to many riders.

History of the Honda VFR

The VFR lineage reaches back to the track-dominating RS and RVF750, but the first use of a V4 engine in a road bike was the pioneering VF750. Unveiled in 1982, it combined smooth, effortless performance with a practical, easy-maintenance design.

The first VFR750 was launched in 1986 and immediately became the standard by which every all-round sports motorcycle was judged. With a restrained and sophisticated body concealing the finest technology and equipment, it was developed to be instantly ‘right’ for every rider. It was a comfortable and flexible Sport Tourer, with the emphasis placed firmly on ‘Sport’. Since then, Honda has treated the VFR as its flagship for new road-going technologies, which are often developed and tested first in the laboratory of MotoGP.

The VFR800 made its debut in 1998. Based around the engine from the RC45 it stayed true to the concept of taking lessons learned on the racetrack and fine-tuning them for road use. In 2002 it received an upgraded fuel injection system, revolutionary new V-TEC valve control system and revised brake systems including optional ABS.

Subsequent updates have revised the power delivery and upgraded the bike’s consistently contemporary styling. The racetrack is still the source and test environment for its technologies, while its all-round usability and ample smoothly delivered power have continued to lead its class.