The ‘Porsche’ motorcycle concept

Imagine if Porsche made a motorcycle

The ‘Porsche’ motorcycle concept

WELL, they haven’t.

But imagine is what Spanish designer Miguel Angel Bahri has done, to produce this two-wheeled concept, taking inspiration from Porsche’s best-known car, the 911 Turbo.

Dubbed the ‘Porsche 618’ the bike concept is a power cruiser (why are all sports car/bike crossovers power cruisers?) making 160hp.

Oh, and it’s electric.

With hub-centre steering.

And a massive hidden luggage compartment with doors inspired by Le Mans race cars.

And why not? It’s a drawing.

Nevertheless, Bahri is already planning an “S” and “RS” version.

He told The Sun: “Power cruisers can be leaned farther for better cornering compared to a normal cruiser.

“This is my vision of a Porsche electric motorcycle.

“I made this for a ‘Two Wheels Project’: the brief consisted of making a pure electric motorcycle concept, as close to reality as possible.”

“I chose the Porsche 911 turbo, 917, 918 and 919 as main inspirations

“It is called the 618 because it would be the entry-level two wheels vehicle for the brand.

“I wanted to represent the spirit and character of Porsche in this futuristic-looking, pure electric and exclusive power cruiser.

“This should be considered as the pure sculptural entry model, as I am developing the RS version.”

Now make it, Porsche. Make it.