Kawasaki reveals 2018 KX motocross range

Round of updates for KX250F, new graphics for rest of range

Kawasaki reveals 2018 KX motocross range

KAWASAKI has just unveiled its 2018 KX motocross range, including an updated KX250F.

The MX2 class racing machine gets revised fork components and new suspension settings at both ends, as well as fuel injection and exhaust updates.

The fuel pump pressure is increased and the injector mounting angle is shallower.

The inlet tract has been reshaped and the in-take funnel shortened according to Kawasaki, while inlet timing is now slightly more advanced than on previous models.

Matched with a lower compression ratio at 13.4:1, it means more power and torque compared to the current machine, the firm says.

That increase is partly credited to the re-shaped exhaust, which is now longer and wider as it exits the cylinder head.

The result is ‘Better bottom end and mid-range, improved power feeling across the entire rev range and smoother power engagement, effectively making the high RPM range even easier to use,’ Kawasaki says.

Other models in the range, from the KX65 to the KLX450R Enduro, have received new graphics.  

The 2018 KX250F