Kawasaki electrics to go on sale in 2023, hybrid in 2024

Kawasaki has showcased a number of motorcycles at EICMA as part of the manufacturer's drive towards carbon neutrality, including hybrid and hydrogen bikes.

Kawasaki HEV. - Kawasaki

Kawasaki has revealed a range of prototypes which it says are a part of its carbon neutrality plan.

At the EICMA show in Milan, Hiroshi Ito, the President of Kawasaki Motors Corporation, unveiled a number of motorcycles and gave information in regards to Kawasaki’s carbon neutrality objectives. 

One of the motorcycles unveiled was an electric, faired motorcycle designed in the same vein as Kawasaki’s Ninja range. This bike would use the same battery as found in the prototype revealed last month at Intermot and, like that unfaired “Z” style bike, this Ninja-inspired concept would be eligible for A1 licence holders, and both bikes will go on sale in 2023.

Mr. Ito also hosted the debut of Kawaski’s hybrid motorcycle, which makes use of both electric and combustion power which can be engaged simultaneously, or individually. The HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) was first presented at the Suzuka 8 Hour race in Japan in the summer, and Kawasaki expects it to be a apart of its 2024 production roster.

Other vehicles displayed by Kawasakki at EICMA included an electric tricycle it calls “Noslisu”, and, perhaps more intriguingly, a hydrogen-fuelled motorcycles based on the Ninja H2. 

This hydrogen-fuelled machine uses direct injection and compressed gaseous hydrogen as fuel, although unlike the HEV it does not yet have a production timeline, or at least not one that has been made public.

These electric, hybrid and hydrogen vehicles are a part of what Kawasaki is calling “Go Green with Green Power,” which is the name of its carbon neutrality initiative. 

Additionally, Mr. Ito made confirmations that Kawasaki remains committed to internal combustion engines and finding alternative, non-fossil, fuels with which to power them.

Finally, Kawasaki says it “will continue to provide products and services that meet the needs of its customers and society by harnessing advances in current vehicle technology and via new, environmentally friendly products that are carbon neutral.”

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