Zero miles, pristine 1982 Yamaha TZ500 set to go under the hammer

A Yamaha TZR500 with 0 miles on the clock and on its original 1982 tyres will go under the hammer at auction, it is revealed

Yamaha TZ500

A pristine mint condition Yamaha TZ500 with not a single mile on its clock is to go up for auction and is tipped to fetch a valuable figure when it goes under the hammer.

A model made famous by GP legend Kenny Roberts during the 1980s in its YZR500 guise, a road going version - the TZ500 - was also launched bearing striking similarities, not least the iconic red and white livery, complete with yellow plate on the cowled front-end.

Already a classic model, this particular TZ500 - being auctioned by Collecting Cars - is especially special having not been ridden at all. Indeed, te odometer still shows 0 miles on the clock and is understood to still be sitting on its original tyres..

The machine has spent time in both the UK and Italy as part of a private collection and has been tended to carefully to preserve its pristine condition.

Though it has never travelled, under the skin lies a 500cc two-stroke inline-four engine producing around 115bhp.

A ‘J series’ example, this model features a number of cosmetic changes compared to its predecessors, as well as reversed outer cylinders.

Though no estimate has been placed on it, the model comes just a month after Collecting Cars broke the record for setting a new world record for a Japanese bike at auction - a Honda RC213V-S still in its original flight box - to the tune of £182,500

“Since launch, our team has sold more than 170 iconic and collectible motorcycles, including setting a new world record for a Japanese bike at auction with a Honda RC213V-S,” Edward Lovett, founder of Collecting Cars, said

“We anticipate significant global interest in this as-new 1982 Yamaha TZ500, and while it is likely to be acquired by another private collection, it would be fantastic to see it put onto the track to be used as intended.”

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