Yamaha issues safety recalls

Two issues crop up that could affect existing Yamaha owners

YAMAHA UK has just issued two safety recalls. The first of these recalls has identified a potential defect in the gearbox of certain XV1600 Wild Star models. In extreme cases, this defect, Yamaha advises, could result in the transmission locking with possible loss of control by the rider. Riders of XV1600 are advised to stop using their machines until they have been modified by an Authorised Yamaha Dealer.

The second safety recall concerns the Throttle Position Sensor fitted to certain examples of the following models, manufactured between 2002-2005:








In a small number of cases, the idle speed may become intermittently unstable, causing the engine to stall. However, unlike the Wild Star issues, owners of the above machines can continue to use their motorcycles until the problems are rectified.

Contact your local Authorised Yamaha Dealer for more information.