Yamaha auctions Africa Eco Race Tenere 700 World Raid for Two Wheels for Life

Yamaha has announced it will be auctioning the Tenere 700 World Raid with which it will contest the 2022 Africa Eco Race later this year.

Yamaha Tenere World Raid auction graphic. - Yamaha

Yamaha announced earlier this year that it will be racing the Africa Eco Race (AER) with the Yamaha Tenere 700 World Raid, and has now announced that the bike which will contest the race will be auctioned off. 

Part of the Africa Eco Race programme for Yamaha was a partnership with Two Wheels for Life and Riders for Health, who will be the title sponsor for Yamaha in the AER, and which “have used Yamaha AG100 and AG200 motorcycles for their life-saving healthcare programmes in Africa over the last three decades,” according to a Yamaha press release.

Yamaha says: “In the first year of the partnership, Yamaha and Riders for Health will focus their fundraising activity on Riders’ Gambia program. The AG100 motorcycle fleet in Gambia, used to deliver crucial preventative equipment like bed nets to protect against malaria, as well as enabling the running of regular immunisation clinics against various diseases, is in much need of maintenance or replacement. An operation that will require 100,000 Euros to complete.”

As part of the fundraising effort to complete this maintenance and replacement operation, Yamaha is auctioning off one of its Tenere 700 World Raid motorcycles that will compete in the Africa Eco Race. 

In addition to the bike, the prize draw for the auction includes four one-day Yamaha Adventure Riding Experiences with one of Yamaha’s Africa Eco Race riders, Pol Tarres and Alessandro Botturi; and 10 Yamaha Tenere World Raid hoodies. 

To buy your own ticket for the auction, which is already underway and began on 24 June 2022, head to the Yamaha Motor for Riders website.

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