Wild custom bike builder Lazareth to close its doors

Famous for building Maserati-powered bikes and jet-powered VTOLs, the French brand Lazareth confirms its closure

Lazereth Volante

You’ve probably never seen one on the road, and now you probably never will - crazy French custom motorcycle maker Lazareth has confirmed it is closing down.

The brand made a big impact on the custom bike scene, by blending the worlds of two and four-wheels with custom bikes like its Maserati-powered LM847, a bonkers 450+ bhp tilting four-wheeled bike, and more conventional machines based on Yamaha V-Maxs, and Harley-Davidson V-Rods.

The custom house is also famous for its VTOL ‘flying bike’, which on the face of it looked like the LM847 with mini-jets mounted in each wheel. Dig a little deeper though and you’d quickly realise it was more of a plastic pastiche of a motorcycle, and mostly made of lightweight plastic.

Sadly for fans of the bonkers bikes and flying machines, Lazareth is no more, with its founder and lead designer, Ludovic Lazareth confirming the news on its social media channels.

The social media post reads:

25 years ago, I threw myself body and soul into, much more than a profession, a real reason for living: the construction of vehicles, mainly cars and motorcycles, which stood out for their design, their technical conception, their performance.

I worked on it, 365 days a year, 15 hours a day, sleeping above the workshop so as not to create a filter between my dreams and reality, as a way of being in direct contact with my creations. , allowing me to pursue the craziest ideas, the most daring projects, the most complex projects.

At 55, it is time to take a break, and I find myself forced, for multiple reasons, to announce the closure of the workshop. 

See you soon, for new adventures, and for dreams to live...

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