Vincent van Goooooooo!!!

300mph+ twin-engined Vincent land speed record attempt planned

Vincent speed record

OKAY WE know that’s only how the Americans pronounce it, but it’s all we had for a headline. The essence of this story is simple enough as it happens – Visordown chum and genuine leg end, Mr Mark Forsyth pointed us at it earlier today. An old racing mate of his, Mike Hawthorne, is planning to ride a streamliner land speed record bike, using two 1,500cc Vincent V-twin engines, running on nitromethane. He’s aiming to hit 300mph+ at the Bonneville salt flats in September, erk!

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Mike’s detailing the project, by top Vincent builder Max O Lambky, as he goes along on his Facebook page here. He’s also making the attempt without much in the way of industry sponsorship or support, so if you’re a top marketing wonk looking to spend some cash on a hero project, give him a shout! Alternatively, buy one of his smart T-shirts (logo below) and support him that way.

We’ll bring you more on the Vincent land speed record attempt over the summer.