Video: attempted bike-jacking in busy London street

Three suspects force rider to stop and attempt to snatch key

HELMET camera footage released by the Met Police shows what officers believe was an attempted bike-jacking on a busy London road in broad daylight. 

The video shows three men forcing the victim to pull over and blocking his way while one attempts to snatch the key from his ignition.

It was captured on the victim’s helmet camera at around 1pm on April 24 on the A20 Eltham Road in Lewisham, south London.

Police say the suspects, on a Yamaha Tmax, Yamaha XJ6 and Triumph Street Triple, chased the victim and tried to collide with him before hurling abuse and threats at him.

The video was released on July 5 but police have yet to confirm any arrests.

A Visordown user posted a link to it on our forum, with the message ‘Somebody must know who they are.’

Anyone with any information is asked to call Lewisham CID on 101 quoting reference number 3209476/16 or Crimestoppers annonymously on 0800 555 111.


dudeofrude's picture

Boils my blood this kind of thing. What absolute scum bag wastes of oxygen!! The guy is lucky to get away from it and to think it was in broad daylight too. We just aren't safe in that city anymore

This wouldn't happen in America

True they would'v'e just shot him :)

Spooky the XJ6 is the same as my bike and the twat on the triumph seems to be wear my helmet.........i live oop north so i wasn't involved

AnotherSmith's picture

Would have been at gun point instead if it was in america

PrivateAxis's picture

If you want to over generalize in a negative way about a country you know shit about, why not do so while enjoying more of your dreadful fish & chips... cuz that's all you ever eat, right? Like it when the tables are turned, you limey creep?

Obviously the comment went way over your head, if it was legal to carry a gun in the UK then I would for home protection and because if everyone else has one then join em if you can't beat em... thankfully in the UK we don't because just as in the USA and the rest of the world for that matter most people are as thick as two short planks and I wouldn't trust them with a potato gun!

BubbaDaytona's picture

they would all be shot, or cop would have seen it, and they would all be shot, or a bystander would have shot them all, or a toddler with an automatic assault rifle.

If it was an attempted bike-jacking, which one of them was going to take the bike? And what would the point be if they left their bike behind? (regardless whether it was nicked or not.)

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Rj has just posted a video of something similar almost happening to him recently.


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