Ultra-rare Suzuki CV1 is up for sale, and we are strangely attracted to it!

The Suzuki CV1 microcar was limited to just 100-units worldwide and is powered 50cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine


A super-cute and super-rare Suzuki CV1 microcar is up for grabs in the UK. Powered by a dinky 50cc single-cylinder engine, it may not be a motorcycle in the truest sense of the word, but that isn’t stopping us from wanting it any less.

Billed as the Suzuki Community Vehicle (hence Suzuki CV1 name), the machine was announced at the 1981 Tokyo Motor Show with a 100 made and a price of ¥300,000 - around £2,000 in today’s money. It was heralded as a future-proof form of urban transport for Japan’s ever-increasingly more populated cities and could even be driven by somebody who held a moped licence.

The original post, spotted on the retro cars for sale Facebook page, lists the asking price for the quirky machine at £2,500, although don’t think you’ll be trundling off into the sunset straight away. It needs a significant amount of work to make it roadworthy, although the struggle might be worth it in the long run. The person listing the Suzuki CV1 claims that a working example sold in the states for around $12,000.

The Suzuki started its life as a Suzuki demonstrator, to gauge public interest in the model. And as we can’t find much evidence of more CV1s being sold in the UK, it might make this one of the rarest Suzuki models currently for sale!

To check out the listing for yourself, follow this link or join the retro car Facebook group here: www.facebook.com

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