Travis Pastrana leaves Red Bull after signing with Black Rifle Coffee Company

Action sports giant Red Bull has lost one of its biggest stars to the relatively unknown (in the UK anyway) Black Rifle Coffee Company

BLACK_RIFLE_COFFEE rider Pastrana on a dirt bike

STALWART Red Bull athlete Travis Pastrana has left the company after signing for Black Rifle Coffee Company earlier this week.

Pastrana was catapulted into the spotlight after winning the first-ever X Games MotoX Freestyle competition in 2005. From there he took up stints in Rally, Rallycross, Nascar and Gymkhana. Oh, and he found time to set up Nitro Circus along the way. Safe to say he’s been a busy boy!

For the majority of that time, Pastrana has worn the tussling beasts from Red Bull on his bikes, cars, clothing, and trademark baseball cap. That though, ends in 2022, as the Maryland native joins up with the veteran-owned Black Rifle Coffee Company. The firm employs veterans and donates to causes that benefit American veterans. It’s a cause that is close to Pastrana’s heart, being the son of a Marine.

Explaining the shift to BRCC on his social media, Pastrana wrote:

“I want to take a moment to thank Red Bull for all they have done for me and my endeavours over the years. It has been an honour to be a part of a brand that has done so much for action sports and helped me to reach so many of my goals.

“Today is the end of an era and I’m making the switch to Black Rifle Coffee Company. I have some good friends running BRCC and they have been doing amazing things for their communities while giving back to the armed forces and first responders, all while pushing the limits of freedom and fun whenever possible.

“When I asked if @art15pilotx could fly his little bird (helicopter) while a minigun rained shells on my Subaru as I slid underneath and @uncleronnie69 flew over the blades on his dirt bike with an American flag as a cape. Black Rifle Coffee Company didn’t ask “why?” They just smiled big and made it happen.

“When I asked if they wanted to come down to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria to help us rebuild some moto tracks and put roofs back on homes for families who lost everything, Black Rifle stepped up huge. @jtarticle15 even came down to help personally. They didn’t want branding or a big thank you.. BRCC just wanted to be a part of it.

“BRCC is the epitome of the American Dream, and proof that with hard work and believing in your brand, anything is possible. Stay tuned, It's going to be a hell of a ride!!! @brcc_motorsports @blackriflecoffee #thisisonlythebeginning”

Photo courtesy of Cody Stauder/Black Rifle Coffee Company.

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